Top 5 FAQs For How To Get Help

A graphic of a bullhorn and the words Top 5 draw attention to the top five questions eFundraising Connections customers ask.

Our team at eFundraising Connections is always available to answer your questions via our website's chat feature, over the phone, or by email.

As the 2022 election cycle comes to a close, we wanted to highlight the most common questions our team receives, to save you time or find the answer you need outside of business hours.

The eFundraising Connections Help Center

In 2021, we launched the eFundraising Connections Help Center to create a repository of how-to information for our clients and donors.

Currently, we have five sections: Account Setup, Event Pages, Transaction Status, Campaign Pages, and Help for Donors.

You can find the Help Center on our website by selecting the Resources tab in the navigation menu from any page on the website and clicking Success Center. It can also be found here:

As we launch new features, integrations, and streamline processes for eFund Connect, we add step-by-step instructions with screenshots to the Help Center.

Here's a sampling of what clients and donors can expect to find in our Help Center:

How To Set Up An eFundraising Connections Account?

  1. Click here:
  2. You will be taken to an Applicant Information form. This is where you will enter the information for your Candidate, PAC, or Nonprofit.
  3. After filling out the necessary fields and clicking Next, you will be taken to the Treasurer Information section. This is where you will enter your treasurer's information. You must provide a physical address in this portion of the form.
  4. After supplying us with your treasurer information, the next step is Fundraising Account Details, where you will add the banking information. You must add your Campaign's Tax ID number or your SSN on this page. Also, you will need to provide your Treasurer's date of birth, as both items are used as an identity check to validate the account.
  5. Then you need to review the information you typed in and hit submit. That will send your application to one of our team members for review and onboarding.

Note: New accounts are usually set up within one business day of eFundraising Connections receiving your application.

How Do I Set Up My eFund ID Account To Make One Click Donations?

If you frequently use our platform and would like to make one-click donations, you can set up an eFundID to store your information for future donations. On the Thank You page, after you complete your donation, click on Create an eFundID. From there, you can create a password login with your email.

Once you enter a password, you will receive a confirmation email. That will complete the setup for your eFundID.

What Is This Charge On My Credit Card Statement Or PayPal Account?

eFundraising Connections is a fundraising platform for political campaigns and nonprofit organizations. If you see us on your credit card or PayPal statement, you have made an online donation to an organization that uses our system to collect funds for their campaign or cause.

You can search your email inbox for "eFundraising Connections" to retrieve the receipt you received at the time of your donation.

If you cannot locate the receipt, please feel free to reach out to support directly at 916-790-6150.

Note: Political contributions will appear as “BT_CandidateFirstNameLastName” in your statement.

Why Has My Credit Card Been Declined?

There are a variety of reasons that your card could be declining. The most common cause could be that the card's billing zip code differs from your address's zip code. If so, you need to enter that zip code in the space provided on the form.

If you are confident the zip code is correct and there are sufficient funds on the card, please feel free to reach out to our help center at 916-790-6150 for more insight into the reason for the decline.

When Will My Donations Be Deposited?

Each time a donation is made to your account, the process from donation to disbursement begins. The length of time from donation to disbursement varies based on how the donor made their donation.

  • Credit Cards (Including Apple Pay) – The timeline for credit cards is 2-3 business days depending on the type of card. (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are typically 2 business days. American Express can sometimes take up to 3 business days. These are all estimates and are dictated by the card issuing bank, so on rare occasions, there can be an extra processing day or two).
  • PayPal – The turnaround from donation to deposit on PayPal is 2 business days.
  • ACH – These donations take 5 business days from donation to deposit to the bank.

Credit card donations come to your account via direct deposit and are all batched together daily as they become available. You will receive a separate report detailing each deposit for just these kinds of transactions.

ACH & PayPal will also be sent to your bank account via an ACH batch as they become available. These donations will be included together in their own separate report detailing each deposit.

Reports are sent to the treasurer on file each week on Tuesday. The information contained in these reports will be the previous week's donations (since the previous week's report) that have completed the process and have been deposited to the bank.

Good Luck To Our Clients

We know how important donations are this close to Election Day, so please do not hesitate to contact our team if you or your clients have any questions about our platform or need anything.

From all of us at eFundraising Connections, best of luck!