Harness the Full Power of Your Supporters through eFund One-Click Donating

How eFund is streamlining the Donation Process

eFundraising Connections now makes collecting campaign contributions easier than ever with our one-click donation feature. After your supporters finish a donation they can create an account to have their credit card and billing information securely stored and protected for future contributions.

This time-saving feature allows your supporters to make contributions without the hassle of re-entering their information. Donors can also stay signed into their eFundID account to further streamline the donation process.

Donors with an established eFundID can also utilize the one-click donation feature to support entire political parties or campaigns that utilize eFund to process their political donations.

to get the most out of your supporters.

Photo of an iPad showing an eFund one-click donation page
Sign up for eFund One-Click donating is easy

Setting up One-Click with your eFundID account

  1. Submit a donation through eFund
  2. Click "Create an eFundID" after your donation is processed
  3. Create your eFundID for future contributions with an email and password of your choice
  4. Confirm your email address to complete your eFundID Account
  5. Stay logged into your eFundID to make donating quick and easy.