Custom Donation Pages for Political Events

eFundConnect is the only fully optimized platform for accepting donations for political events. Think Eventbrite for politics. We merge the stringent compliance requirements with an easy to use event management and ticketing platform, which allows campaigns and political fundraisers to quickly and securely raise money for their events. Combine our online donation pages with custom QR codes to easily accept donations during events, allowing you to raise more money.

Laptop showing example of a custom online campaign fundraising event donations page

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Custom Event Pages

Customizable RSVP

Ticket Levels and Amounts

Fully Compliant

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Low Fees

Integrated Flyer

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Unlimited Events

Rev Share Splits

"We are so glad we found eFundConnect. We have used Eventbrite, but it was expensive and didn’t have the compliance features we required for our campaign. It was more work than it was worth. But with eFundConnect, we have all of the event features and options we need, especially creating the tickets! They make our jobs much easier, and it is cheaper for our campaigns!"

- Lindsey Seitchik, National Political Fundraiser

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Event Donations Made for Politics

With our event pages, you get the full suite of benefits of the eFundConnect platform. From our 3rd party integrations to our compliance options, we have the comprehensive suite of tools to assist your campaign in raising money quickly, securely, and hassle free.