Online Political Donations & Campaign Contributions Made Easy

eFundConnect’s easy to use platform, accompanied with 24/7 customer support, provides you the tools your campaign needs for success. We don’t just provide a single donation page, but integrate website donation pages for campaigns, event specific fundraising pages, and the new onside eFunds Swiper mobile credit card readers. Our new mobile credit card reader devices allow your campaign to efficiently accept donations through every process of a political campaign.

Safe & Secure

We have the highest level of security for processing contributions, so your donors feel secure when using their credit card online.

Mobile Phone Credit Card Swiper

Credit Card Swiper

Collect contributions at events and on the go with our iPhone app and Swiper.

Telephone Service

Excellent Service

Our team provides real customer service and a dedicated account manager you can reach directly to handle any questions.

Database Integration


We provide full and complete integration of your donor data into the database system you use, from NationBuilder to Treasurer Databases, so every compliance need is met.

Secure Web Portal


Our team will integrate the colleciton of your donor data seamlessly into your campaign website creating a uniform look and feel throughout the entire contribution process, while taking advantage of our highest level of security.

Built With All Political Campaign Team Members In Mind

eFundConnect provides access to every member of a political campaign team. We start with the compliance professional or political treasurer to assure they have full access to the donor data. Political consultants can also have accounts to effectively develop strategy based on previous donations. Fundraisers can get access to build and manage events. And web teams and designers can access the visual aspects of the pages to create visually appealing donation web pages.

Raise Campaign Funds With Robust Fundraising Features

There are many tools available today to raise money, and many campaigns try to piece different solutions together. This creates a headache for your compliance team as they manage many different sources of funds. eFundConnect is the only platform that combines the features of a single donation page, an event based page, and a mobile credit card reader together. Our all-in-one service platform allows your campaign members to operate within the eFundConnect platform with ease. Boasting the richest feature set available on the market, eFundConnect is the go to political credit card processing platform for campaigns of all sizes.

Political Professional Testimonials

Our clients’ raving reviews are an example of how user-friendly and successful the eFundConnect platform has been for their campaigns. The eFundraising Connections team strives for outstanding incentives by providing superior customer support, a flawless campaign integration platform, and an abundance of resources to help guide you through the process of building political donation campaigns.

Please feel free to contact our team for any questions, or head over to our support page
if you’d like to view our step-by-step instruction guides for eFundConnect.