Share and promote your eFundraising Connections donation page on Facebook

Many campaigns are using social media platforms like Facebook to promote their cause and raise more money online. Here’s how you can use your eFundraising Connections online donation page and Facebook to reach out to supporters and potential donors:

  1. Log into your eFundraising Connections account, and click on “Pages,” then click on your name. That will automatically open up your campaign’s online donation page. Right click and copy the donation website’s URL.
  2. Open your Facebook page. Click to create a new post and type out a brief message to your supporters (for example: “Please support my campaign by donating today!”).
  3. Next, right click and paste your eFundraising Connections donation link into your new post. You can also upload a photo of the candidate or your campaign logo to the post.
  4. Click “Post” and you’re finished sharing your online donation page to your friends and supporters on Facebook.

As always, if you have any questions about your eFundraising Connections account or donation page, please contact us at (916) 790-6150.