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Because of Gerrie Schipske you will pay lower water utility rates!

When Long Beach wanted to place a 12% surcharge on water rates, former Councilmember and long-time attorney, Gerrie Schipske said "no!"

Gerrie Schipske reached out to a law firm dedicated to the premise that “local governments are not above the law and California taxpayers need protecting from unscrupulous local government spending.” Benink & Slavens had helped Gerrie stop the City from placing a fee on City pipelines and assessing utility users to pay for the fee.

A law suit was filed asserting that Measure M, which would place a 12% surcharge on water rates and then transfer the money to the City general fund, was unconstitutional. The trial court and the appellate court both held that indeed Measure M was unconstitutional.

At any of these stages, the City Attorney should have advised the Mayor and City Council to stop imposing the surcharge and transferring the money. But either he did not provide the legal advice or they did not listen. Now because the California Supreme Court has refused to review the case, Measure M is unconstitutional and the CIty owes water ratepayers over $30 million dollars.

City Hall insiders are furious that Gerrie Schipske brought this case. They will spend whatever it takes to elect their hand-picked candidate who does not want the type of reforms Gerrie Schipske would bring.

Celebrate what Gerrie Schipske has done for the water ratepayers -- please join her campaign for City Attorney.

Contribute today and join Gerrie Schipske and the attorney who tried the case on a ZOOM meeting. Once you register you will be sent a link for the event. 

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