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Metro EDGE is a diverse network of young professionals and leaders from a myriad of industries brought together by the common goal of contributing to the creative and innovative growth of the Capital Region. Over the past 15 years, Metro EDGE has grown into one of the largest programs for young professionals and leaders in California. EDGE has also supported thousands of professionals in developing leadership skills, building their networks, reaching their career goals, and ensuring fulfillment within their professional and community activities..

Metro EDGE has a focused agenda to engage our peers in a diverse network, develop critical business skills, give back to the community, and empower civic participation. We encourage you to join a committee, attend an event, get involved, and make new connections to make this year the best one yet.

As a member of Metro EDGE you have access to members-only opportunities like:

  • Free or signifigantly discounted pricing to all mixers, forums and events.
  • The opportunity to join an EDGE committee to grow your skill set and contribute to meaningful work.
  • Access to the Leadership Council, where you can apply and help shape EDGE’s position in the community.
  • Access to engage with Metro Chamber and Metro Chamber Foundation Board mambers.
  • Eligible to participate in Metro EDGE BoardLink program.

Still unsure if you should join? See what some of our members have gained by being part of Metro EDGE:

“Everyone will tell you joining EDGE is a good idea, but I want people considering whether it's worth it or not to know that it can be the difference between a decent career and a great professional journey. It catapulted me from "new in town" to being part of an inclusive community of colleagues, friends, and connections. If I hadn't joined EDGE six years ago, there's no way I'd be a Director at a prominent advertising firm before I turned 30.”

Taylor Toledo, 2022 Metro EDGE Program Chair and Planning Director, 3fold Communications

“Joining EDGE has introduced me to so many amazing and talented YPs that I never would have met otherwise! It's not only expanded my network but has Empowered me (pun intended!) to expand my horizons and learn more about our diverse and vibrant region.”

Kelly Brown, Business Planning Analyst, SMUD

The benefits of being an EDGEr are endless. Join today!

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Annual Auto-Renewal

By selecting this option, you will be charged the membership price of $125 today. Beginning in 2025, your annual membership will automatically renew itself for the number of years you specify. 

Please select $125, "Annually," and enter the number of years you'd like to renew your membership for. Note: auto-renewal works up until your credit card expires. For example, if the expiration date is August 2027, you can only enter 3 years. We appreciate your support!


For a PDF copy, please click here: EDGE Membership App and send to:

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Metro EDGE Membership Disclaimer

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The Metro Chamber Foundation considers applicants for membership without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity or expression, age, marital status, military or veteran status, medical condition or disability, or any other legally protected status.  The Metro Chamber Foundation does not tolerate any illegal discrimination or harassment, whether verbal, physical or visual.

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