Californians for Responsible Housing

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If you have no occupation or employer, do not leave blank. For occupation use general terms such as 'manager', 'homemaker', or 'none.' If not employed by a company, use terms such as 'self', 'retired', or 'unemployed.'

3 Payment Method

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CVC on Visa/MasterCard/Discover is a 3 digit code on the back of the card. CVC on AMEX is a 4 digit code on the front of the card.

Reimbursement/Source of Funds: Under California law, we are required to disclose the true source of funds used to make contributions. For example, if a property management company obtains reimbursement for its contribution from a property owner, both the property management company and the property owner must be disclosed. Accordingly, if you seek reimbursement for your contribution, in whole or in part, from other entities or individuals, please provide us with: (1) the amount of the contribution that was reimbursed; and (2) the legal name and address of the reimbursing entity or individual. If this applies to you, please email to provide this information for each entity that is participating in your contribution.


Affiliation/Aggregation: Contributions received from certain individuals and entities are aggregated and treated as being from a single contributor for reporting purposes. The following contributions are aggregated:

  • Contributions from the personal funds of an individual and contributions made by any entities directed and controlled by that individual;
  • Contributions from two or more entities if a majority of the same persons direct and control the contributions of each entity; and
  • Contributions made by entities that are majority owned by any person or entity are aggregated with the contributions of the majority owner and all other entities majority owned by that person/entity, unless those entities act independently in their decisions to make contributions.

Your Reporting: Individuals or entities that contribute $10,000 or more in the aggregate in a calendar year to California state or local candidates, ballot measures, political parties, or PACs are required to file their own campaign finance reports, known as “Major Donor Reports.” Contributions to Californians for Responsible Housing (“CRH”) will count toward the $10,000 threshold. In addition, beginning August 7, 2024, if you make a contribution of $1,000 or more to CRH, you may be required to report the contribution to the state within 24 hours.