Frequently Asked Questions

We deposit funds to your bank account electronically (less our fee) 2-3 days through the Automated Clearing House—ACH-- no floating your funds! If your bank account is not set up yet, don’t worry we can still get your donation page all set and mail checks to you until you can provide the bank account and routing numbers.

Our automated Tuesday Weekly Contribution Report is eMailed to you already reconciled against donations and deposits; nobody else provides a fully reconciled automated weekly report via eMail. This makes the Treasurer’s job much easier because, now you don’t have to go looking for the data you need while you are juggling other tasks: we have eliminated the need for you to pull manual batch reports.

In addition, to make your life even easier, you will automatically receive via eMail:

  • Individual Donation Alerts, and,
  • A Daily Donation Summary
Using the logins we provide, simply login to Select Donations, and then either view, or filter the contribution data shown by your choice of parameters; then, you can very simply extract the file into Excel and save it. Our clients have told us that this report was very pleasing to an auditor and made their life much easier.
If you’d like us to setup a campaign, we can normally do it in 24 hours or less. We eMail you the URL link to your eFundraising Connections donation page that you can send to your constituents, post to your Facebook Page, or have your Web Editor add it to your Website. No matter where or how they click your link, it directs to the same donation page.
Yes! We will lend you a Mobile credit card reader worth $75.00, the eFunds-Swiper-- that we ask you return to us at the end of your campaign. You can download our eFunds-Swiper App free onto your iPhone or iPad. Currently we do not have an App for Android, but will be rolling that out in 2017 Q2.
Our product is designed specifically for Political Campaigns and makes their life much easier because with every enhancement we have political reporting compliance and ease of use in mind, unlike most generic products on the market. We never want to see our Treasurer’s fail an audit or receive fines.
Our automated Tuesday Weekly Contribution Report is eMailed to you already reconciled against donations and deposits; nobody else provides a fully reconciled automated weekly report via eMail. This makes the Treasurer’s job much easier because, now you don’t have to go looking for the data you need while you are juggling other tasks: we have eliminated the need for you to pull manual batch reports.
Please visit our website at and submit a request for information that will be received by our Account Management team. We will reach out to you directly and provide you with our Agreement and information about our services. Or you may give us a ring at 916-790-6150. We look forward to assisting you.

About Us

eFundraisingConnections makes accepting Political Campaign Funds easy, fast and secure. You can collect donations and campaign contributions online through a PAC or Candidate's Website with our Integrated Solution, or in person via our proprietary hand-held mobile credit card reader device-- everywhere your Political Events and Supporters congregate

eFundConnect is our legacy platform and access now includes EventFund, our Event Management software that is accessible now as a standard feature on all accounts in eFundConnect under Events.

We also designed our own proprietary eFunds-Swiper Mobile App which is free, and works only with our proprietary eFundSwiper credit card reader.
We are in Mid-Town Sacramento, California near the State Capitol building.
One of our Co-Founders has worked in politics here in Sacramento for 20 years, before becoming an independent a Political Consultant and he now represents political candidates all over the state of California.
No. All of our software is written here in Sacramento in our local office by either one of our Co-Founders, or a W2 employed Software Developer who reports to him. We are a family owned and operated business and our Co-Founder Bobby Reed, is our chief developer and a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT.)
We have designed all of our products to make the Campaign Finance Compliance Reporting job of the reporting specialist or political campaign Treasurer simple and fast. Unlike the more generic B2C products on the market, we specialize in Politics. We gear R&D toward what a modern digital Political Campaign needs.

We are members of the AAPC (Association of Political Consultants) and the NAPF (National Association of Political Fundraisers) and pride ourselves on keeping abreast of industry changes and the regulatory environment of political fundraising. We attend the annual conventions hosted by these organizations, and support their efforts by sponsoring their Events locally and nationally. Our Account Managers enroll in Webinars hosted by the FEC on Political Reporting issues, to become knowledgeable about many of the challenges you face.

Last, we are much more than a credit card processor and really cannot be compared to a square product or paypal type services. We are software developers that are agile enough to customize what you need quickly. If we don’t currently offer exactly what you need, please let us know and we will discuss what it will take to design a solution for you.

About eFundConnect

eFundConnect is our legacy product, a web page for accepting contributions to a campaign, and may be easily integrated into your own website—by the simple insertion of our URL behind your Contribute button—by your internal website support staff. eFundConnect keeps track of donor data and provides Campaign Treasurers with comprehensive reports containing all of the data needed in order to fulfill the complex campaign finance reporting requirements of the FEC and the FPPC.
We were originally a Website Design firm (Capitol Tech Solutions) and had a client back in 2005 that was running for local office, for whom we built a website. By 2010 the same client asked us to develop a software product that would integrate with his website that could process online credit card donations. We did and in 2011 the first version of eFundConnect was released. Because more people are adopting online giving in politics, this side of our business grew exponentially between the 2012 and 2016 general elections.

As a result, we incorporated eFundraisingConnections LLC as it’s own company in 2016. Today, we share our offices with Capitol Tech Solutions, one of the top award winning Website Development, Software Development, SEO Digital Marketing and IT Managed Services Providers in the state capitol.

About EventFund

EventFund is used for promoting & managing Events --similar to an ‘event-brite’ type of product. You simply create an electronic invitation & upload the pdf; then you can quickly and easily customize added language on your free Event Donation Page, and begin marketing your Event. We believe that our simple to use product enables to you mobilize your Event Staff and Volunteers quickly and efficiently, resulting in more donations and ticket sales! It was originally an optional module but now all clients-- both new and existing--- can use it in eFundConnect. You may now add additional users such as Fundraisers, Website Editors & Consultants, so they add Page Headers, or set up and manage Events.
EventFund was the product of a client request, originally. We have clients that work in a variety of roles in the world of politics, and word of our software expertise was spreading fast in our local client base during the 2012 general election. We were then asked buy a Treasurer client to develop a product that could be used side-by-side with EventFund, to manage and market Events. Initially, it was added as a custom option on an as-needed basis. Eventually we received so many requests for it, that it is no longer an option and EventFund is now part of our standard legacy product, eFundConnect. We pride ourselves on being the only company in the political software industry, that has a team of software developers and website designers on-staff, and that also processes credit card donations. Our purpose is to provide political campaigns with technical tools to make your campaign run sleek and swift online in the digital space.
Yes. Professional Fundraisers often wish to obtain an umbrella account with us and just use our Events feature. You would fill out our standard eFundConnect agreement and provide the banking information as usual. All monies that we process through your Events pages go through our eFundConnect payment gateway and are deposited electronically. You would receive all the same great reports and access to the eFundConnect dashboard, regardless of the reason you are using our Event feature.

We will warn you, EventFund is like a gateway drug; because, once your committee sees how easy yet comprehensive our software tools are, your Campaign Treasurer will probably want to use us to process all their online donations! When it happens, you will reap kudos for finding them a great new way to accept online credit card contributions!
Just like eFundConnect, it costs nothing to set up an account. There is no monthly fee, and no cancellation fee. As always, we only make money when you do. We collect a percentage and transaction fee with each donation or ticket purchase.

About the eFundSwiper and Mobile App

It’s our proprietary, credit card reader! Some people think the little devices you plug into a cell phone and use to swipe credit cards are square. Our card reader called the eFundSwiper is very sweet, easy to use and affordable.
We created it due to increasing demand for accepting Campaign contributions out in the field in real-time at Events, and just about anywhere you have a wireless connection, so you can ask people to donate anytime, anywhere and thereby, you can increase the amount of total contributions to your Campaign.
That is our Credit Card Reader and its accompanying free App that may be downloaded from the App store onto any Apple mobile device.

Note: We are currently in the process of writing and testing our Android App for the eFunds-Swiper and anticipate the first release by or before Q3 2017. Call an Account Manager at 916-790-6150 for the status of the Android App.
All donations processed via the card reader go through the eFundConnect gateway, and are assessed the contracted rate plus transaction fee, as usual. Best of all, our mobile app is free!

If you are a direct campaign, we charge $50 per Swiper and you can pay for it through the eFundraisingConnections platform using a credit card! The retail value of a card reader is $75 to $80.00.

If you are a client of a Channel Partner you’ll be able to borrow a Card Reader free. Ask your Treasurer to loan you one from their supply because we supply them with an inventory.

About our Pricing Model

We only make money when a donation is made. There are no setup fees, no monthly fees and no cancellation fees. Instead, we retain a percentage of the gross contributions. The net amount after our fees is electronically deposited into your bank account. We have more than one sales channel: in addition to Direct-to-Campaign, we network with a variety of Channel Partners. Benefits of becoming a Partner include a negotiated discount rate based upon sales volume, and co-operative marketing materials.
No, that is not required; however, EventFund is provided free of charge to all clients because it is now embedded into our legacy product, eFundConnect. We feel EventFund provides great additional value to your campaign because you don’t have to use multiple vendors, to gain access to a tool that helps you increase contributions. You’ll also receive the same great support that you receive on eFundConnect. In order to provide you with more bang for your buck we made it a part of the standard product offering in 2017. That said, there is no requirement to use these other great tools that we provide but they’re there when you need ‘em!
The eFundSwiper has a retail value of $75-80, but we provide them free of charge to Channel Partners; so, if your Treasurer is one of our Partners, then you can borrow one from them directly.

For Direct Campaigns (those not coming to us via a Partner) we are happy to ship you a card reader for $50 each. To buy for a Swiper imply select: Buy a Swiper at and we will ship it to you for free.

Enter the information required and select the amount $50 for one, or $100 for 2 Swipers. In the Comments please indicate how many Swipers you are buying and indicate if the shipping address is different than your billing address.

Note: The eFundSwiper for Apple mobile devices are available now. Our Android App is expected to be released by or before Q3 2017. Contact an Account Manager with questions, at 916-790-6150. There are no refunds.
No. You may add an unlimited number of users but they won’t have access to all your data. Permission levels are designated by your function on the Committee. The Treasurer is the only User with full access to donation data.
Rates are re-evaluated at the end of a campaign cycle. At this time, we have not implemented a rate increase in the 5 years we have been processing campaign contributions. We can’t look into a crystal ball; however, rates in the industry are dropping, not increasing overall. That is the reason for our Partner Channel.

Implementation & Integrations

24 hours or less once we have your electronic Agreement, executed signed and dated!
Simply send us your completed, signed and dated, 1 page agreement by scanning and emailing it to us. We will set it up in 24 hours or less. If you are a Channel Partner, Treasurer or Consultant, you will be issued logins and thereafter, you may add your own new Accounts anytime 24/7/365.
Simply contact an Account Manager at 916-790-6150 and request an electronic Agreement. We will email our Agreement to you. Print and sign the 4th page and scan/email it back to us. We will have it up the same day, sometimes in just hours. Your Account Manager will send you the URL immediately, along with instructions for next steps; and, our system auto-generates your logins to you at the same time.
We work with your Committee’s Website Support person to assist you in enabling the donation page functionality by integrating it into your website. If you don’t have website support currently, or need a website built please ask your Account Manager for a quote.

We have a team of Website Developers on-site with our sister company Capitol Tech Solutions. C.T.S. is a leading Website Design firm and IT Services Provider here in Sacramento. We are able to offer you a substantial discount on Website Design & Development services, as an eFundraising Connections client. Please contact your Account Manager for a quote.
We do have integrations currently in place with Netfile, IS Political, NationBuilder, Complete Campaigns & iDonate Pro. Be sure to reach out to your rep there, and let them know you are implementing the integration with us, and they will issue you a code to enter in your eFundraising Connections dashboard for each account you wish to integrate.

About Use & Functionality

Yes you can. We recently enhanced eFundConnect and now the primary user on an Account may add additional Users so that other members of a Committee can login to the dashboard and see things relative to their functional area. Consultants and Treasurers may add Users such as Fundraisers and Website Staff. Fundraisers can add Events or Campaigns, once they are granted access by either a Treasurer or Consultant. Website Staff only has access to features relative to integration with the campaign website.
Yes. All the donations and ticket purchases go through the same donation account and funds are deposited electronically into the same merchant bank account. On your Reports, you can easily identify the funds that came from an Event and tell them apart from online credit card donations.
Currently it is a simple template that may be dressed up with your banner or logo at the top, as a Header. Presently, in addition to the banner you may also add payment option buttons, customize your thank you message; and, the disclaimer is easily modified to meet your needs. All fields with asterisk * are required fields and cannot be changed.

Note: We plan to offer several easy Donation Page Templates in the future, that you will be able choose from.
Historically Political Campaign Treasurers, Compliance Specialists/Political Reporting Specialists, Candidates, and Fundraisers. We are seeing more and more Consultants are asking for access as well as Website Editors that are working on Campaigns as part of a Digital Marketing team. As a result this year, in 2017 we added User Management functionality in our dashboard so they can also be granted access.
Please visit our website Support section to download Tutorials posted under How It Works:

About our Service & Support

Our number is 916-790-6150. If we can’t answer in the office it also rings a mobile phone to an on-call Account Manager after hours. In cases where you get voice mail, those do forward to us as a voice file and a message format and your call will be returned shortly. Alternately, you may send an email to and our customer support team will receive it.
You can reach us 7 days per week. Our office is open from 8 AM PST to 6 PM PST. After hours or on weekends, our main phone forwards to a mobile device carried by an Account Manager to assist you. We have a technician on-call after hours as well so that your Account Manager can escalate technical issues to them. If you should get voice mail, it simply means we are on another call and an Account Manager or Technician will return your call shortly. Messages are forwarded to mobile devices after hours for Account Managers or Technicians to assist you.

About eFundraising Connections’ Technology

Yes you will need to open a browser in order to access our secure website.
We maintain a security certificate renewed annually. As a PCI Compliant Credit Card Processor, we are mandated to take measures to ensure your data is secure, and our website is further protected by SSL technology.
We host the data on-site in our offices on our server that we back up and maintain. Our sister company, CTS is a software developer, web developer and Managed IT Service provider; as a result, we have access to a staff of IT professionals on-site at all times dedicated to keeping us on the cutting edge of technology tools and internet security. It’s what we do.

About Other Services

Through our sister company, Capitol Tech Solutions we are uniquely positioned to provide a quote for Website Design, Development and Support Services, discounted for our eFundraising Connections clientele and their Campaign Committees. CTS also has a team of talented SEO Digital Marketers on staff, to assess your current brand awareness, and help you drive traffic to your website and increase your digital visibility on the Internet.

We believe that by providing a variety of solutions for your campaign needs, your Committee can function more smoothly and efficiently, simply by having a single vendor that can provide multiple solutions for you. Check them out at