eFundraising Connections’ eFunds-Swiper application facilitates the process of collecting donations for your political campaign endeavors. Your access to the mobile credit card processor for iPhone successfully integrates our eFundConnect platform in order to keep track of all required data. The best part is that our product was designed to help you remain compliant within the legal boundaries of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

The eFunds-Swiper mobile credit card processor for iPhone allows you to collect campaign contributions while working on-site. Collaboration is made easy due to a seamless integration with the eFundConnect system. All members on your political team will have access to necessary data for recording campaign donations collected at your event.

To download the application to your mobile Apple device, please follow the link to the App Store.

Please follow the instructions below to use the eFunds-Swiper mobile credit card reader, or download the Instruction Manual.

  1. Client Login: ENTER CLIENT NAME. Then, select VerifyNote: Client Name will always match that embedded in the URL, and should be entered with no spaces. Please check that the volume is turned all the way up on your mobile device before proceeding. (If you do not know the Client Name, please contact eFundraising Connections at (916) 790 6150.)
  2. Enter the dollar amount of contribution without using decimals, press Continue and enter the Donor's contribution information and select Done. Select, Contribute.
  3. When you arrive at a screen displaying "Connected, Swipe Card, you may then swipe the credit card by inserting the side with the magnetic strip through the reader, swiping it lengthwise as you would at a grocery store. Once approved, a screen requiring a signature will appear - have the donor sign the screen with their finger or a stylus. Select, Complete Signature.
  4. The system will show Retrieving Credit Card Token. When completed, your donor will instantly receive a receipt delivered to their inbox, and your screen will display a "Thank You!" approval. 
Thank You Screen

On the same "Thank you!" screen, please select the "New Contribution" button for a new donator and follow steps 1-5 again!

Android Users - Our software developers are currently designing the eFunds-Swiper credit card processing software for the Android platform. Stay tuned for more information!