Core Functionality

The core processing features of eFundraising Connections FUNDTRAC system sets us apart from the competition.

Core Functionality

As software developers and political specialists, our experienced team understands your needs and we have created the powerful new FUNDTRAC system with compliance specifically in mind. Our easy-to-use platform enables your campaign to raise more money effectively and ensures you receive accurate data instantly as contributions are received

No Monthly Fee, No Setup Fee, No cost to get started.

Tracking Codes

Political campaigns will try many fundraising and media campaigns, and each one can be tracked with a custom tracking code. This allows you to know which of your fundraising campaigns are most effective.


Does your campaign have supporters who are willing to go to bat for you and raise money. You can create a custom page for that bundler, who will raise money on your behalf. Being able to track the funds that your bundlers raise helps you identify who the key supporters are on your campaign.

Online Events

Online event invitations have increased exponentially as contributors have become more comfortable making campaign contributions via credit card. This new generation of donors can be effectively targeted with event-specific invitations, boosting your campaign’s donations and subsequent turnout.

eFundraising Connections’ team of political campaign veterans created FUNDTRAC to give campaign fundraisers a proprietary tool to successfully direct fundraising events with the click of a button. eFundraising Connections knows the art and business of fundraising with all of its inherent pitfalls and problems. Our leadership and management team consists of a fundraiser with national and statewide experience, a political professional with a statewide, local and federal campaign resume, and a chief systems analyst and engineer who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

FUNDTRAC takes the complexity out of monitoring individual donations, while helping you avoid the common situation of “I forgot to send the check.” And what about the confusion that arises when you receive a contribution without reference to an event? With FUNDTRAC, the “double counting of pledges” disappears, and your campaign receives accurate data in real time. FUNDTRAC offers solutions to these and other common fundraising issues.

Every account we setup includes:

  • Instant notification, weekly reports, and online access to all donation information
  • Directly transfer of money via ACH payment with automated reports of matching funds
  • Customized look and feel of donation pages
  • Integrations with other campaign tools, including Nationbuilder and Compliance software
  • Personal Account Manager to help with any questions and support you need
  • Tagging of pages so campaigns can track who raised the money