Hume for Supervisor 2022

Contributions to Hume for Supervisor 2022 are currently being raised for the 2024 off-election year.

Sacramento County election laws limit contributions in an off-election year to $250. A married couple may give $500 but both must sign the check.  PACs, businesses, and organizations may contribute $250.

WARNING: Chapter 2.115 of the Sacramento County Code regulates contributions to campaigns for County elective office. Before making a contribution to my campaign, please read Chapter 2.115, and in particular sections 2.115.255, 2.115.260, 2.115.300 and 2.115.310 to determine if your contribution complies with chapter 2.115. For more information on these codes, please contact the Sacramento County Elections Office at (916) 875-6451.

Contributions are not deductable for state or federal tax purposes.

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Charges will appear as ""BT_Hume4Sup "" on your credit card statement.