Leventhal for Council 2020

We may accept a maximum $600 per person General election. Spouses may write separate checks or write one check signed by both spouses. Contributions are permissible via personal (including sole proprietorships) check or credit card only, or cash if under $100. With the exception of sole proprietorships, no business or corporate checks are permitted. Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable expenses. If the recipient of this is a city employee, please disregard this solicitation.  All contributions will be publicly disclosed, including those under $100.   

Contact information provided will be transmitted to the committee. eFundraisingConnections.com assumes no responsibility or obligation for the protection of the privacy of this information by the committee. Credit Card information will be used for processing only and will not be shared with the committee or any third party except for the express purposes of processing or as required by law.
Charges will appear as ""BT_Leventhal2020"" on your credit card statement.