Re-elect Joe LaCava for City Council 2024

Contributions to Re-elect Joe LaCava for City Council 2024 are not deductible for income tax purposes.  Contribution limits are $750 per election.


In accordance with Government Code Section 84308, Re-Elect Joe LaCava for City Council 2024 will not accept or solicit cumulative contributions of more than $250 from any party, participant, or a party or participant’s agent, while a proceeding involving a license, permit, other entitlement for use, franchise or non-competitively bid contract is pending before the San Diego City Council, or any other agency of which Councilmember LaCava is a voting member, and for 12 months following the date a final decision is rendered in the proceeding.


Contact information provided will be transmitted to the committee. assumes no responsibility or obligation for the protection of the privacy of this information by the committee. Credit Card information will be used for processing only and will not be shared with the committee or any third party except for the express purposes of processing or as required by law.
Charges will appear as ""BT_LaCava2024 "" on your credit card statement.