Ari Arambula for City Council 2022



After so many years working behind the scenes on social justice issues and political and issue campaigns, I'm answering the call to public service qualified with education, experience and passion for justice, equity and fairness. 

In Alhambra, I've worked with my neighbors for years' to advocate for quality of life issues in our community. They lost confidence in the incumbant and asked me to run for office.

Based on my long experience in public advocacy, I've step up to contribute my skills, knowledge and experience to the community to which I am already committed through home ownership.  I am running to serve on the Alhambra City Council, representing the residents of District 1.  

Local government forms a foundation for the quality of life we enjoy regionally, statewide and nationally.  So yes, even if you cannot vote for me if you don't live in my district, this campaign is about you too. That is why I humbly ask for your campaign contribution as a vote of confidence.

In Solidarity,  

-- Ari Gutiérrez Arámbula, MBA
Candidate for Alhambra City Council, District 1


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